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that's my style, the juicy dangler [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
no point whatsoever

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the only thing we hace in common is that we know each other [Apr. 6th, 2006|03:18 pm]
no point whatsoever
[mood |crushedcrushed by the man]
[music |rory's broken lungfish cd]

i'm frustrated. i'm trying to find a banksy quote that ends with "like asking to keep a rock thats just been thrown at your head". its about advertising, its put really well. something to do with justifying graffiti on billboards because the companies that put them up are trespassing on our mental space. without the billboard there we'd probably be looking at something less subliminal. when they are there we have to see them and take them in. so he argues they're therefore our property. i just felt like reading some "against the system, man" stuff. it's been such a horrible day
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(no subject) [Mar. 22nd, 2006|07:39 am]
no point whatsoever
[music |breakestra]

Questionable Content just isn't funny. But I HEAVILY admire someone who can make a living out of something he loves doing, and make himself loads of fans at the same time, without even having to leave his house! I'm sure he's a lovely guy too. And I'll probs keep reading it anyway... I'm kinda hooked

AND BORED. I've finally reached the end of the effort rope and there's none left. Applied for council benefits, housing benefit and JSA the other day and frankly I deserve it! Still I'll be getting out and about because there's just so much stuff in the world to see. And if you have any jobs that need doing then please call me.

I've been spending money as if I make a lot of it every day. And I don't. And now I have no money. I was in Glasgow yesterday for the open day again because I needed to sort out my accommodation. Got more of an idea of where to go. There's either the slightly grotty bit in Murano street which is pretty much a little village, or theres the much nicer bit called Queen Margeret which is loads nicer. BUT apparently Murano st. is party central, and I have fairly low standards, and I'd blatantly meet loads more people. And the common room's cool. So there ya go.

On the way back I had a chance at having a really interesting conversation with someone from Alnwick who'd been to the open day, but I ended up sitting next to an old lady who seemed nice at first, but then I realised she was actually a bit of a prick. And she talked all the way back to Newcastle when I just needed sleep. BAH


I also recently found out I've had a nickname for years. It's a funny one... and totally true. what can i say
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A Balanced Day [Mar. 13th, 2006|07:14 pm]
no point whatsoever
girls are swell!

but unemployment is not so swell
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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2006|02:32 pm]
no point whatsoever
[music |giant drag]

hello thar!

i'm writing this because i have time. which is great! because i don't have work! cos i've been sort of laid off for a week. 
last friday was discount heaven. i bought a supafly bright orange addidas jacket that was £10 off because i gave the bloke some scones.ha! THEN i got free coffee cos my girlfriend works in starbucks! 

freedom is great

i'm questioning a lot of things at the moment because i've just seen a film called 'i heart huckabees' or 'i love huckabees', not sure which is which. its made my brain go funny.

i started this post intending to write about something interesting :(
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whey [Mar. 5th, 2006|11:16 am]
no point whatsoever
my job is still quite good, although monstrously tiring. i've still met nice people, and i'm going out with a sparkly eyed 20 year old called heather who performs in musicals and whatnot! she's pretty nice, very shy though which is sort of what you wouldnt expect... hey ho

having a computer has reminded me that i actually hate computers. they're slow and disobedient and bulky and give you headaches. the internet can be quite fun though, when it works. i'm trying to get some sort of firewall/antivirus thing which says it will be downloaded in minutes, 124 minutes to be exact :\ bah

i havent been home for a few weeks (which for me is quite some time) and i think i need to. i will next week. all the financial pressures of reality are building up

council tax £72/month
rent £200/month
broadband £18/month
contract phone £20/month
bass lessons £15/week

is bad. plus living and transport and such. blagh.

i feel weird on my days off, kinda dulled like a half-zombie

oh oh if you haven't heard theres this thing going on in newcastle called the avfestival. i've been watching some pretty cool stuff. saw 4 presentations yesterday about some quite interesting things.... but there was also a few swipes at george bush which i think shouldnt be bothered with because its just too easy.BUT i saw this film called sympathy for lady vengeance which is fucking brilliant. and i'm also going to see blade runner and the ORIGINAL godzilla/gojira. can't wait! also got a ticket bought for me to see the jerry springer opera in may which i'm quite looking forward to

but for now i'm just going to sit in the flat and avoid people. i might play guitar, i might not
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i really wish i had a friend called tahaila van kleef [Feb. 19th, 2006|04:56 pm]
no point whatsoever
Dear It_just_got_worse,

Hi! Where are you, haven't seen you for a long time, how is it going?
I called you yesterday, but you did not answer. The case is urgent so I decided to contact you via email. Guess, what I'm writing from? From my new notebook which my friends presented me the last week! They told me some interesting news: the other day they saw a report on the TV about a company which declared search of business partners worldwide.

My friends have entered their partnership program and got the opportunity to
take financial credit of $150,000.00 USD and opened their first computer shop. I also decided to become part of this business. All this is so simple that even I understood the basics. Unbelievable but it really works! Now I do all the paperwork to get financial credit. Take a look at their website:


This is the best offer I've seen in my life and I assure you that it works!
If you have problems with money at the moment, don't worry, i will pay for your initial order from the credit I've took, after that you can take your own credit, this is the way my friends became official partners of the company and opened their computer shop without investing their money. Call me as soon as possible, the business worth it.

Oh and this month they give expensive presents to their new partners.

Check this link right now: http://www.esprino-group.com

I'm so sorry I have taken so long to reply to your e-mails. When I received you
last one, I was just about to leave work and go on holidays and I was extremely
busy. When I returned from Holiday's I got your e-mail but I thought I would
wait to I went back to work to e-mail you so I could send you photos as the
hotmail account takes so long to upload them.

Love to all

Tahaila Van Kleef
Executive Support Officer
Director-General's Office
Level 13, 111 George Street

P.S. Please don't forget to visit this site: http://www.esprino-group.com 

you're damn fucking right i should email her back!
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2006|01:09 am]
no point whatsoever
[mood |sleepyhella sleepy]

i wonder if anyone else ever thought like this. when i was a bairn i was told about the "i before e except after c" thing. i ended up getting ridiculously confused because i interpreted that as meaning any letter in the alphabet after c. so it just meant to me that if there was a ie/ei word then it only counted as ie if the letters a or b were in front. every other letter meant "ei". i was such a stupid child. you know when you just don't get something because you're thinking in the completely wrong way? well i was a lot like that and i think i still am in some ways. ho hum.

so my job is totally cushy. that manager i was talking about got fired cos she was being a dick and taking advantage of my colossal reliability. theres no other way you can be in such a situation really, its not like i have any power or authority to take time off. i feel guilty enough when i ask someone to clean a knife let alone ring them up and say they'll have to do today by themselves cos i got too merry last night.

so yeah thats cool how i'm not treading on eggshells anymore. thats exactly how it was. lots of pussyfotting and translating what i was thinking into terms that she wouldnt hate me for. words with the same meanin can be said in such a different way, and some people are of a certain disposition to be able to hold it against you forever and ever.  i just cant handle most girls, especially people like dani who are so prejudiced and just uncomfortable to be around.

so now i can open up and i have my own music to play! the other day was sweet. i was feeling really cool. i wrote down how i was feeling in fact:-

"wish i had my diary. today is a cool, lazy day in the shop. i'm reading a book by albert camus, listening to nouvelle vague and sitting in the most comfortable position in the world. very few people have come in and all of those who have have been asolutely lovely. the city looks beautiful, the sky is amazing and the sun casts a wonderful light onto everything it touches. this is a totally cool day."

another amazing advantage of working where i am is the shop next door: lush. yeah i know, you love it or you hate it. well, all the people who work there are great. i had a stupid conversation with one of them this vey day:

"so are you up to anything tonight?"

"naw i'm just back home to lanchester to help my parents with moving some stuff"

"where do you live?"


"the MOON?!"

oh you crazy pink-haired vegan lady with your big beamy grin. your personality is ridiculously contagious. and everyone else there has a sort of cool quirkiness about them which sort of rekindles your belief in human decency. i've been given so much free soap man.

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(no subject) [Feb. 4th, 2006|08:20 pm]
no point whatsoever
jesus christ! the new sleater-kinney album is fucking class!
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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2006|04:36 pm]
no point whatsoever
i just saw someone who looked like the spitting image of zach braff with another decade on him. that's the most exciting thing thats happened all week. oh, and i made some sarnies again today. i bet i've made more than YOU
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i'm always thinking of funny things i can have as blog titles but forget when i come to write them [Jan. 28th, 2006|04:50 am]
no point whatsoever
[music |slint - breadcrumb trail (personal rendition,cheers andy :D)]

well lookey here i've been able to scrape a bit of time together. so, a lot has changed recently in my life kinda sorta. i shaved this morning for the first (proper) time in 3 months and it really takes the years off. i was scared to go to the bar tonight.


i quit the corner house because i was sick of dealing with all the shit there, and people seem to generally be following my lead! i made a couple of good buds there and many more nice acquaintances. a girl called kelly gave me some radiohead cds, she's totally lovely. a total dude called owen has handed his notice in and gary from the kitchen has already gone. seems to me that all the coolies are upping and outing. my crazy guitar friend who plays on northumberland street (you may know who i'm talking about, harmonica guy, funny glasses) said he was in the corner house and someone said the place was a lot more boring without me, that made my day because i was having a bad day because the manageress at my new job is a real handful.

i have many problems with her. the first is that she carries a disgraceful abundance of sexism. i don't care how badly you've been treated before, it doesn't mean you can treat every male you meet with a slightly lower amount of respect. passive feminism and campaigning for equal rights are two entirely different things. she was whinging yesterday to the delivery bloke about how i have no respect for her. it's a two way street right? if i've got it all wrong then please tell me to shut up, but she seems to treat me really stupidly because i'm a boy and classically we're supposed to be stupid and manish. well i'm not like that. i'm fragile. and i will take every bad thing you say about me entirely to heart.

also everything she says/does is obviously paramount. she goes mental on her ego which i guess is fair enough, she's been at that company 2 years longer than me and its unsurprising the way she is. but i notice the days when she's off and i'm the manager everything seems to be a lot easier to do.

but she changes minute to minute! she can embarrass you in front of a whole shopful of people and then she can be you best friend a few minutes later. it's a horrible girly trick and its not cool. it just makes me schizy


unfair sexism bitch over.


2 weeks ago to the day (14 days and 1 hour ago in fact, or something like that) i got on a train that went to leeds and there i wandered around for a whole day. people actually thought i was crazy to do that but i just needed a change of city. its a nice city. it was full of new experiences. i got punched in the face for the first time ever! round the back of a church. its all about new experiences thought isnt it. apart from that i just bought some cool clothes and loads of music. nothing special cos i wasn't with anyone.

newcastle/heaton etc. in general is fairly cool. i'm surrounded by nice people who always seem pleased whenever they see me. especially on out-and-about sort of things. another cool thing is i keep bumping into people i've made sandwiches for! unfortunately not the good people though. there was this one amazing girl who i got on great with for the time i saw her but she's never been back in the shop....must have gone back to heaven.

my flatmate luke scares me a bit. i don't think he likes me very much. have you ever had a relationship with someone where you know that both of you are decent human beings but you have nothing in common? well thats sort of what luke and i have going on. except he says some really stupid fucking stuff and i dont know him well enough to just tell him to shut the fuck up. urgh! the frustration. i dunno what to do there really. i can't be arsed to try and have a conversation with him because he's so vague and sometimes doesn't even bother speaking back. too much pot is his problem. i really think he's going insane. maybe he's taking me with him! oh no!

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